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Adele, Artiom and Max

Adele Inugai is a recently graduated MA fine art student.Her work is eclectic ranging from illustration to more abstract works in various media.She has practiced in Japan, London and Cambridge.Her creativity also has outlets within theatre and film work. Artiom Barkun makes live-action and animation films, and paints sometimes. As a painter he is mainly…

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Stuart Adams

Stuart Adams is an illustrator, cartoonist and picture book maker. His personal illustrations are best described as a bus journey in which you have awoken to find yourself in an imaginary theme park world; a dreamy landscape where characters straight from a chirpy, Mickey Mouse animation mingle with the feverish visions of a Hieronymus Bosch…

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Josey Grant

The exhibition is a collection of experimental landscapes, music posters and portraits using a combination of digital and hand drawn media as well as silk screen. Below The Summit is a transcendental and unearthly scene of the red and barren landscape of Spain’s largest Volcano the El Teide, close to what you may image a…

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Sa’adiah Khan, I work from a place of letting go and play, but usually there is an underlying concept relating to ‘self development/understanding,’ ‘balance’ & ‘letting go’ in connection with the outward ripple effect these can have. Some pieces are the results of theories I have about art therapy tested on myself, others are from…

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Chen Xi – comics

Chen xi writes and draws comics stories. Born in Beijing and lives in Cambridge. Chen xi does Tea Art and makes Teazines. Chen xi makes Black Food Art. Chen xi speaks some interesting languages. Chen xi has a special pillow. some of her other drawings can be seen at: Chenxi.carbonmade.com or: blog.sina.com.cn/longsantiao Contact Chenxi for…

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know your food

Krisztián Hofstädter is a composer and sound designer for various media: music for films, animations as well as games [http://music.tedor.info]. This gallery introduces his experimenting with photography: the beauty of organic farming and the local vegetable market. SIMON’S STALL IS A HIGHLIGHT OF THE SUNDAY FARMERS’ MARKET IN CAMBRIDGE ‘Since being introduced to Simon’s stall by…

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wesley’s drawings

My artwork started from a very representational place; many portraits and landscapes. As time went on and I explored different mediums, I realized that I wasn’t using pencils to their full potential. As such, my work has been slowly evolving to include more surrealist elements, as well as embracing the use of colour more. This…

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