wesley’s drawings

My artwork started from a very representational place; many portraits and landscapes. As time went on and I explored different mediums, I realized that I wasn’t using pencils to their full potential. As such, my work has been slowly evolving to include more surrealist elements, as well as embracing the use of colour more. This approach has led to work such as album artwork, conceptual pieces, and also cross-medium work – illustrating poems or writings, for example. I believe that art has the power to be transformative, both on an individual and social level. Much of my activities in the last 2 years have been dedicated to creating or nurturing spaces where artistic expression can be part of people’s day-to-day existence, not entombed in a gallery or wrapped in prestige. I support the spoken word scene, film work, performance and dance, and of course music in addition to visual arts. The power of art is that it transcends the ego; creative expression has the power to dignify the human experience. To me, art is a form of spirituality equal to any found in a church. These things lose their integrity when one focuses on the symbol, instead of what it symbolizes; when one focuses on the language and not it’s meaning.
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